Return lost lover spell

Your lover has gone and nothing you've done has been able to get them to come back. The pain cut through your heart like a knife but don't despair,  This Bring back my lover spell has the power to get inside your lovers head and stir up those fond memories they have of you.

You deserve another chance, let your wish be known to the universe.

This spell to bring back a lost love can bring someone special back to you.

Spells for Thanksgiving

Attract your soul mate

​If seeking a new love, lover or soul mate - You need this love spell.

This love casting is not just about igniting physical attraction or short and superfluous romance (which it does).

its about invoking true love using the Law of Attraction. 

The Love ignited will open the door to a completely fulfilling and long term relationship.

This love spell is designed to attract the perfect mate and partner for you.

​ Spells cast on Thanksgiving

Fix Relationship Problems 

This love spell is designed to help fix \ repair relationship problems to get your love life back on track. 

Relationship problems. Everybody has them. And sometimes you have them over and over and over. 

Relationship or marital problems come in all shapes and sizes -  just like our relationship repair spell.

This will help you, your partner or both of you to forgive & forget, release resentments & move past problems.

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​Spell stop petty fighting

End petty fights and arguments with this spell to Stop Petty Fighting. 

Do trivial fights pop up left and right? Do you get blamed? spouse says - its all your fault! 

Will your relationship survive the Petty argument syndrome?

Does your partner get angry over things he/she used to chuckle at? 

Is he / she starting arguments with you over pointless or stupid things? 

Everyone in a relationship argues. 

However, how loudly you scream or how frequently you fight does not predict the outcome of your marriage.

 if you leave the argument feeling angry, bitter, and resentful,

perhaps it's time to get some help.

Spells for Thanksgiving

Spell to stop Arguments  

Is your lover starting arguments with you over pointless or stupid things?

An Occasional argument or conflict is a part of life. But constant or continual fighting erodes relationships. 

Petty fights over small issues can escalate into more serious disagreements

leaving little room in the relationship for affection and romance. It's time to break free of this toxic routine today.

Thanksgiving 2018 magick spells 

Stop cheating spell

Ends Adultery, Affairs, Cheating, Infidelity, Unfaithfulness, etc. 

This includes emotional infidelity, internet relationships (including ‘sexting’), one-night stands, long- and short-term affairs.

Finding out that a partner has cheated is often enough to leave a couple stone-cold dead while the bed sheets are still warm. 

Adultery, cheating and Infidelity are just wrong!

If however you love your partner so much that your not willing to let them go. 

I will do everything in my power to put an end to their affair and make them not want to cheat anymore. 

Thanksgiving spells

Get rid of love rival spell

Spell to get rid of love rival cast during the lunar eclipse. Get rid of, Banish, or Eliminate rival. 

This spell will make the shabby one that wants your lover - want to end & leave that relationship.

Does your love have a friend or an ex that is interfering with or preventing you from being with them. ​

Any person poking their nose into or trying to hinder your love life can be a real danger.

If its not possible to dispatch of them diplomatically,

use this banishment spell to settle the matter. Make a love rival lose interest in the one you want.

Thanksgiving 2018 magick spells 

Curse spell to Curse someone 

Curse Spell cast during the lunar eclipse. Curses, hexes, jinxes to put on others

We have no issues with placing Hexes or a curse on a deserving person, 

because we know there are people in the world that choose to abuse, scorn, take advantage and hurt innocent people.

Or they just don't care about the result or the effects of their actions have on others. 

Were in no position to judge, we just know you need help and that's exactly why were here. 

You can choose to be a victim or you can choose to do something about it. 

We wont hesitate in doing what we can to help you and prevent them from continuing on their path of chaos.

Spells for Thanksgiving

Good luck spell

Spell of good luck invites good luck, good fortune and favor into your life  

People are always searching for good luck / good fortune in life. 

No need to search any further, its time to achieve the good fortune you’ve always desired. 

We will unleashing good fortune to help you achieve your heart’s desires ..

including but not limited to love, money, health, happiness and peace. 

​This lunar eclipse good fortune spell can be used for all occasions, as well as for special purposes. 

Spells cast on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving money spell attract wealth 

spell provides you with constant stream of money in your life.

Yep, You can attract wealth into your life through our powerful lunar eclipse money and wealth spell.

All you need to do is order the spell and it can even have immediate results. So Dont hesitate !

​If you do it right now, then good things are bound to happen. You can enjoy a life of wealth.

​Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there who are benefiting from our wealth spell right now.

Thanksgiving spells

Thanksgiving get out of debt spell

spell to get money, get out of debt and find financial security.

you can become financial free.

& or continue making the biggest mistakes while trying to become debt free

Manifest a never ending and unlimited Money flow or continue to ignore the obvious

Unleash miraculous power or trust the system that trapped you 

As i said, this is your choice, The decision to get yourself out of debt is a life changer ! 

Thanksgiving 2018 magick spells 

Thanksgiving spell win lottery

Powerful Lottery & Gambling spell to win money, lotteries & cash windfalls.  

Enhance your personal power through the use of our "Spell to win money" to gain favor and get the money flowing to you.

Who hasn't dreamed of winning big and becoming rich beyond your wild dreams? 

If you want to turn that dream into a reality, you better get this powerful lottery spell to win money. 

Plenty of our clients have won big money !!! It worked for them & it can work  for you

Spells for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Job spell

spell to help you get your dream job or new career.

For many people, finding employment is a pressing need, 

And this lunar eclipse job spell can invite the luck you need to land that all important interview, so you can get hired.

 Everyone has a dream job in mind, and this job spell is perfect for getting the job of your dreams. 

This spell to get a job is for anyone who is looking for a job or position that perfect for them and conforms to their needs.​

Get a job that comes with stability, fun co-workers and chances to grow so you can climb the ladder of success.

Thanksgiving spells

Thanksgiving spell get rid of co worker

spell to Get rid of Co-Workers or bosses that are giving you a hard time. 

Are you unhappy with your boss or Co-Worker? 

Times are tough enough without having to deal with a toxic coworker.

We all have those people in our lives that we would love to just get rid of. 

Now u can ...  spell to banish work rival 

Thanksgiving 2018 magick spells 

Thanksgiving good luck spell

spell of good luck invites good luck, good fortune and favor into your life.

People are always searching for good luck / good fortune in life. 

No need to search any further, its time to achieve the good fortune you’ve always desired. 

We will unleashing good fortune to help you achieve your heart’s desires ..

including but not limited to love, money, health, happiness and peace. 

​This lunar eclipse good fortune spell can be used for all occasions, as well as for special purposes. 
Thanksgiving spells 

Thanksgiving astral cleansing spell

astral cleansing to remove astral slime that's disrupting your life. 

The aura/subtle body are where the spirit, mind and body meet and interact and are responsible for your well being.

Which is why this lunar eclipse astral cleansing focuses its energies on the spiritual, mental and energetic planes.

Therefore the cleansing effects directed there will echo out through all aspects of the self and are quite effective.

Cleansing your Aura is important because the stress of daily living in this modern world does have a detrimental effect on you. 
Spells for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving spell remove curse, Bad Luck, Evil eye, hex, jinx

curse removal, Remove Bad Luck, Evil eye, hex, jinx, Demons, etc.   

It easy to spot those whom have been cursed by a well-versed person of the Black Arts 

or by someone who was just dabbling with Black Magic because bad things happen in their life. 

Being plagued by Bad Luck, Ghost or Demons can also have a devastating effect a persons life. 

Use this Curse removal to expel and remove dark forces that are disrupting your life.

It does not matter whether or not your believe in curses, but this false belief may be your demise.

​The power of a curse comes from someones else's wish, and that is why the curse can inflict damage to you.
Spells cast on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving karma cleansing spell

spell to cleansing karma will wash away your negative energy. 

lunar eclipse spell to cleansing karma will wash away the negative energy from your life 

and provide you with a sense of hope, clarity, and happiness in your heart and soul.  

Spell Cast once within 24 hrs of order, followed by 3 cast during lunar eclipse.    
Thanksgiving spells

Thanksgiving protection spell

spell to Protect yourself or a loved one from negative influences and energy!

Since the dawn of time, there have been dangers. 

From the wrath of nature to "evil spirits", and everything in between, there always have been (and always will be) danger in life. 

Using magic to protect yourself is a smart idea.

Clean the spiritual space around you and protect yourself from unwanted entities.    

Protect yourself or a loved one from negative influences and energy! 
Thanksgiving 2018 magick spells 

Thanksgiving i wish spell

Tell us what your wish is, and we will create a wish spell for you.

This magic wish spell can be used for a number of things including getting whatever you want. 

you can wish to lose your troubles, show you the truth of a situation, its also an all purpose spell to effect another. 

You can wish for for good luck, well being, its time you get what you wish for. Bring certain influences into your life. 

wish to attract money, love, lose weight, wealth, happiness, a better job, open a business, bring back a lover, & so on ..

Whatever your situation is, whatever purpose you have, your spell will be customized to fit your need 
Spells for Thanksgiving

Spells for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving spells allow us to secure the Great spirits most miraculous blessings ever for you.

Thanksgiving Spells - Spells cast on Thanksgiving
We are very well versed and ever so prepared to cast your Thanksgiving spell 

During Thanksgiving, we are able to establish connections with supernatural entities for you

This empowers the manifestation process of your wish, want, need, request and desires.

and yes, Miraculous changes are ever ready to manifest themselves for you during this time.

Spells for Thanksgiving

About Thanksgiving - The unvarnished truths: Origins and history

Our thanksgiving celebration is tied to the rejoicing of sacred blessing received from the great spirit.

For us, its is an age old tradition to honor the Creator: the God of Gods.

However, its not wise to generically celebrate a holiday - if you dont why your celebrating it.

Generically celebrating a holiday is a primary reason for all the stress, loss and lack in this world.

Malignant spirits ( Demons, Archfiends, hellions, etc ) want to be your god and rule over your life !!! 

They can only do that when you give them that authority ( knowingly or otherwise ) 

Generically celebrating a holiday ( Not knowing exactly why your doing it ) can give Malignant spirits that authority.  

Know the reason why your celebrating, else your paying Homage to an unknown source ..

Again, i say, For us, its is an age old tradition to honor the Creator: the God of Gods.

So you can safely order your thanksgiving spell here

Thanksgiving spells

If interested in learning some of the historical facts about Thanksgiving, here it is!

Thanksgiving for the annual harvest is one of the oldest holidays known to man though celebrated on different dates.

The Chinese and Hindus are said to have celebrated harvest feasts thousands of years ago.

The Israelites were instructed to keep the feast of Tabernacles (Sukkoth) a celebration,

a holy convocation that was to last eight days. The Old Testament is replete with commands to gather harvest and rejoice.

The ancient Greek harvest festival was called Thesmophora and celebrated Demeter, the founder and goddess of the harvests.

The symbols of Demeter were poppies and ears of corn, a basket of fruit and a little pig.

The Roman goddess of the harvest, Ceres (from whom we get our word cereal) had a fall festival called the Cerelia.


Spells for Thanksgiving


In Greek Mythology, the horn of Amalthea (the name of the goat who suckled Zeus)

became known as the cornucopia or horn of plenty.

ISIS (the Egyptian faithful wife, mother, and goddess) was identified with Hathor, the HORNED COW Goddess.

Horns are still used in many festivals today.

Harvest Queen - A name given to Ceres the Roman goddess of agriculture and crops

or to a young woman chosen from among the reapers to whom was given a post of honor at the harvest home.

Also the 1948 edition of The Universal World Reference Encyclopedia tells us,

“Demeter, the Greek version of the Egyptian goddess Isis and Roman version of Ceres,

is one of the principle Grecian deities, the great mother goddess, the nourishing and fertilizing principles of nature.

Spells cast on Thanksgiving

” Corn - represents Ceres, the corn goddess (agriculture and crops) or Xilonen -goddess of the new corn.

Poppies - Ceres corresponds with Isis of the Egyptians and Demeter of the Greeks.

She is represented with a garland of ears of grain on her head,

holding in one hand a lighted torch and in the other a poppy, which was sacred to her.

Piglet (Sow)- Demeter was presented with a cow and a sow

as well as honey, poppies, corn and fruit indicating thanksgiving for a land of plenty.

Thanksgiving - is it a holiday, or holy day?  

In England, the autumnal feast was called Harvest Home and was derived from the druidical harvest feast.

[The druids are the most openly Satanic in their form of worship.]

This three-day feast began with a special service at the village church,

which had been decorated for the occasion with fruit and flowers, afterwards followed a communal dinner.

In America the celebration of Thanksgiving sprang up haphazardly and was celebrated, if at all, on different days in different parts of the country. Here in America, the Puritans originally shunned the Harvest Home (Thanksgiving).

Thanksgiving spells

This is just some of the historical facts about this holiday. 

Its not wrong to celebrate a holiday, just be sure you know the reason you are doing it

else as i said - you are giving Malignant spirits the authority to run and or ruin your life

Again, i say, For us, its is an age old tradition to honor the Creator: the God of Gods.

So you can safely order your thanksgiving spell here

in fact, ordering a spell from us can set you free from Malignant spirits that have caused you lack and or loss.   

Spells for Thanksgiving - Spells cast on Thanksgiving

Spells for thanksgiving

Spells for Thanksgiving - Spells cast on Thanksgiving

Holiday roots can be traced back to the dawn of time. Back when man walked with the ubiquitous spirit and lacked nothing!

Man chose a different path, lost cosmic connections and now most live in a world filled with stress, lack and loss.

Our ancient ancestors chose to renew our covenant with the Great spirit,

Who blesses us and wants us to share these blessing with you.

yes, you can get results from a spell cast on any given day,

But certain dates ( like holidays ) have super high energy levels, and are known to produce miraculous results.

The power of these sacred dates are amped up even higher each time they are celebrated.

We host these events so that you can take advantage of the super high energy levels.

Having your spell cast during these events allow us to cast the most powerful spell possible for you!

Do as you like, But we say these things so that we can cast your spell with a clear conscious.

​We want you to get the results you desire, We know these dates are known to produce miraculous results.

They are great for casting new spells and or for a booster cast to overcome and deliver results for stalled wishes.

Miraculous changes are ever ready to manifest themselves for you. 

We have the Blessing, knowledge and willpower to make it so.

“We are prepared to unleash the changes you seek and are sure the Great spirit will make it happen”. 

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to embrace the future and erase losses suffered in the past.

Not only will the awesome power of the great spirit be in action,

but also the entire legion of allies: angels, fairies and lesser Gods will help you in your quest to obtain your wish.

These power events allow us to unleash true cosmic energy and absolute divine power to bring about the results you desire

This is the best time to cast new spells and or a booster cast to overcome and deliver results for stagnant situations.

These power spell casting events are posted here to help you obtain your goal. 

Having your spell cast during these events increase your odds of manifesting the results you desire 100%. 

Were not going to let the highly charged energy levels of this casting event go to waste 

And we hope you wont either!  Order your spell today

​Thanksgiving 2018 magick spells 

We will preform a powerful Thanksgiving ritual to bless your life in any way you want

These Blessings can be actual things that manifested in the material world that you've been wanting,

or they can be things that the Universe and the spirits work with you to keep moving smoothly (your health, your home, your protection, etc). 

Thanksgiving spells allow us to thank the Great spirit and secure the most miraculous blessings ever for you​​​ - its one of the best times to get real results

Take advantage of the super high energy levels of this day and let us cast the most powerful spell possible for you !!!

Thanksgiving spells 

Spells cast for Thanksgiving 

2018 Thanksgiving Spells

Spells cast once within 24 hrs
​Followed by main cast on thanksgiving
A Special Quad Cast is also being offered