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Spell Casting Calendar ​
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5 1624
Agenda for Casting Magic spells, Time Schedule for potent spell-casting, Magical accord with Spell Casting Calendar
24.99 2050-01-01

Calendar for Casting magic spells.

  • Best times for the casting of super effective spells.

Spell Casting Schedule

Calendar for upcoming events & Spells 

  • Why Cast Spells during an Event / holiday? 

A Massive amount of manifesting energy is available! 

The Short direct answer !
Holidays hold an unlimited amount of manifesting energy, which is why they are so important for spells and spells casting. 

Spells are driven with energy. 

The higher the energy level is when a spell is cast, the more effective that spell will be. 

Having your spell cast during these events will increase your odds of manifesting the results you desire tremendously. 

Spells cast during an Event, Festival & or Holiday have the highest success rates. They are Super potent & highly effective. 

​About Spell Casting Services

Many people come to us, exasperate & often desperate after hiring me other spell caster service to help them. 

Why, It's very simple.

Most are not real or authentic. 

Most have sites just to earn money via 3rd party ads.

Most have other jobs and do it as a hobby.  

Most have no connection to a higher power.

Most have no spiritual authority.

Thus they have no real power to cast a spell that works.

Spell Casting is NOT a hobby to us, Its our way of life!

We are dedicated to helping those in need!  

Me and my people have been trained in the ancient art of “sacrosanctus genius-loci” ( Servants of the God of gods.  

We are in service to and servants of the great sacred spirit.

We have an age old covenant with the God of Gods. 

We specialize in the casting of Divine spells

and the calling forth of sacred blessings.

Our roots are firmly planted in the ages of Antiquity.

The Sacred spirit is the most powerful force

in the heavens, on earth and throughout every universe.

The great spirit has no equal to this day.

The God of gods is in complete control of everything.

He can shape any event, alter any circumstance, change any situations, shift any outcome and modify whatever conditions.

Its this Master of fate, the Great Spirit that we call upon so that you can receive the miraculous results you seek.

With our divine spells

& the help of the Great Spirit 

you can obtain the desires of your heart.

Come & Test the God of Gods.

Order a spell that matches your need

& make your request known, so that the Great Spirit's

miraculous power can be unleashed to satisfy your wish.

After Ordering, The great spirit will bless you.

He will throw open the floodgates of the cosmos

and pour out such a blessing  that there

will not be room enough to store it.

As servants of the great spirit we want to enrich your life.

So Go ahead & Test the God of Gods.

Do it and you will be set free from lack, loss & misfortune.

This is not a hobby for us. Its our way of life and we dedicate ourselves to helping those in need. 

However we are not like others.

We wont make false claims to you.

Spell results vary.

Each case is unique.

And no two situations are the same.

The good news is that when divine energy is called upon,

it can open doors to the idea presented in the spell.

Thus giving you a huge advantage to obtain the goal you seek.

Our spells have worked for many of our clients

and they can work for you too.

Spell Casting Agenda 2021

2021 Calendar & Spell Casting Schedule.

​Agenda for July 2021 & Powerful Magic  

Schedule for Aug 2021 & Magic Spell work

  • Lammas - 8.1.2021 
  • Night of Ascension - 8.3.2021
  • Festival of Thoth -  August 6)
  • New Moon - 8.08.2020
  • Nemoralia festival \ Festival of Torches -   August 10  
  • Perseid Meteor Shower - 8.12.21 - 8.13.2021 
  • Full BLUE Moon spells > 8.22.2021
  • Portunalia - August 17
  • Vulcanalia -  August 23rd - God of Fire 
  • Opiconsivia -  August 24th
  • Volturnalia -  August 27th
  • Charisteria -  August 31 

Calendar for Sept 2021 & Spell Casting

Agenda for Oct 2021 & Powerful Magic

Schedule for Nov 2021 & Magic Spell Work 

  • All Saints' Day - Nov. 1st 2021
  • ​All Souls Day  - Nov. 2nd 2021 
  • New Moon     -   11.04.2021
  • Taurid Meteors  -  11.04 & 05. 2021
  • Angel Spells   -  11.13.2021
  • ​Leonid Meteors  -  11.17 & 18. 2021
  • Lunar Eclipse - 11.19.2021
  • Full Moon       -  11.19.2021 
  • ​Thanksgiving  -  11.25.2021
  • ​​Angel Spells   -  11.27.2021

​​Calendar for Dec 2021 & Spell Casting

Agenda for January 2022 & Powerful Magic 

Schedule for February 2022 & Magic spell work 

Calendar for March 2022 & Spell Casting 

Mardi Gras   03.01.2022

​Spring spells ( 3.1.22, 3.17.22 & 3.20.22 )

Angel Rally   03.05.22

Saint Patrick's Day -  03.17.2022​

Full Moon  - 03.18.2022

SPRING EQUINOX - ​03.20.2022

Angel Rally   03.26.22

New Moon - 03.31.2022

Agenda for April 2022 & Powerful Magic

Schedule for May 2022 & Magic Spell work

Calendar for June 2022 & Spell Casting

Agenda for July 2022 & Powerful Magic  

According to the feedback, Our holiday spells are super successful !!!!

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